Special Offers from 05/01/2012 to 30/09/2012

In order to make your vacation more attractive and profitable, the house-hotel "-Volga" has developed special offers and discounts. We hope that the optimal price and quality will satisfy the most demanding customers, and our actions will be a pleasant surprise for you.

Truly European quality vacation on the Volga inexpensive ready to provide home-hotel "-Volga"!

Check out the special offers for corporate clients and groups of friends.

1. Special "longer stay":

Rooms Cost based on the length of stay
4-5 days (3-4 nights) 6-7 days (5-6 nights) From 8 days (7 nights)
Weekends Weekdays Weekends Weekdays Weekends Weekdays
Double occupancy:
Rooms for two 85 72 72 62 65 58
Family rooms 95 84 80 72 74 64
Additional place 32 24 26 21 21 16
Single occupancy:
Single room 60 50 50 40 45 38
Rooms for two 72 60 2 600 54 54 47
Family rooms 83 72 72 62 62 52

2. Special Offer "Staying with friends":

Guest rooms of our house-hotel "Volga-Volga» being booked by at least by 7 people you get a good group discount, regardless of residence! Come with your friends and colleagues, the most complete rest - a vacation in a big happy company.

Number of people in a group Discount
7 – 9 people 10 % off the cost staying
10 – 14 people 15 % off the cost staying

3. Special Offer "Family vacation":

We welcome family holiday! There is a special offer for you! For accommodation children under 10 years in the same room with parents you have 50% discount.

4. Special Offer "Welcome":

All guests who come to us a second or more have discount for stays of 10%.

5. Corporate events:

The house-hotel "Volga-Volga" has all the facilities for corporate events.
Workshops, seminars, meetings are well to be carried out in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, combining leisure with work. We also offer entertainment events: anniversaries, birthdays, and other celebrations and festivals.

We are pleased to organize for you:

Our house has a comfortable living room specially designed for corporate events.

Cost and booking of corporate races is discussed individually.