The richness of Russian cuisine

The whole world knows the abundance of Russian cuisine and hospitality of the Russian character. Interrelation of cuisine and hospitable nature is especially felt in the countryside, in the Russian province that lives its own, special life. Today, they cook in province as ancestors have taught, preserving family traditions and using the knowledge that has come into our live with the appearance of new products and dishes. Of course, in big cities there is more variety and choice: Italian, French chefs and chefs from other countries try to get to the restaurants of big cities, but the traditional Russian cuisine is the distinguishing feature and exotic of the province. In large cities, very few places now offer to taste Russian pie, dumplings, or kvass prepared according to old recipes. In our time, the taste of authentic Russian cuisine can be found only in the province.

Plyos is the very small city where the traditions of Russian national food are stored, preserved and collected, where you can see what once wrote Russian classics from Gogol to Gilyarovskogo. Russian cuisine in Plyos is not in exile, wrote Alexander Genis, one of the authors of the book "Russian Cuisine in Exile", that "the main ingredient in Russian cuisine is time. Cabbage soup is cooked for two days in three broths by the rich "and such gastronomic masterpieces of Russian cuisine, as Kurnik, pork, duck with apples, quail, Easter bread, require a lot of patience and time, as in the old days.

… Many tourists visit the Plyos and many of them say that the card Plyos and its gastronomic feature is the smoked fish. All year round they smoke fish in Plyos. Walking along the promenade, you can try the famous Plyos bream and buy smoked fish, sweet melting in the mouth, as a gift for friends and relatives.

Another nice side of gastronomic trip to Plyos is to visit guest homes in order to taste cuisine and enjoy a creative approach to it by Plyos cooks.

In the house-hotel "Volga-Volga" work chefs from Plyos and Kostroma. They are upscale chefs and their skill is anxious attitude to cooking only home made food, nothing purchased. Jams and pickles, baked meat and pates, rolls and pie, zrazy and cakes are only home cooked with love and respect for the traditions of authentic Russian cuisine and according to recipes that were inherited from our grandmothers and great-grandmothers. For breakfast guests can enjoy only environmentally friendly rustic cottage cheese, sour cream and milk, pancakes and pancakes with homemade jams.